A Guide To Exotic Wagers In Horse Racing

Standard wagers are relatively easy to understand and to place as well. If you are looking to take it to the next level, however, you may want to give exotic wagers a try. Exotic wagers allow you to place a wager on more than one horse in a single competition. This means that you are able to increase the profit that you are liable to receive. At the same time, these type of wagers are more difficult to win. You require a decent amount of experience and a complete understanding of the best bets horse racing. Here are some things you need to know about exotic wagers:


With this wager, you are betting on a very precise outcome. You are betting on two different competitors coming in first and second respectively. You have to identify which one will be placing first and which one will come in second. You are only eligible to collect the money if those predictions are proven true. If you are very skilled at wagering with this type of sport, the payoff can be quite good. Thus, it is a good avenue to try if you have proven to have a good track record at guessing which animals are going to win or come second.


The quinella wager is similar to the exacta one. Here, however, when choosing two competitors to come in first and second, the order does not matter. You simply pick two animals and as long as they both manage to come in first and second place, you win the wager. This type of wager is cheaper than some types of exacta bets but the payout is not as high. However, you do not need to be quite as precise as with the above wager.


Trifecta refers to placing a wager on three horses to place in first three places. Like with exacta, you need to be exact about the positions that each horse is going to achieve. Only then will you be able to win the wager. If you want to be able to make sure that you win, you should certainly pay attention to Saturday horse racing tips free.


This is the final type of exotic wager. This is when you name four different competitors to finish in first, second, third, and forth place. However, you will have to pinpoint just which horse will win each position. Then, you will be able to claim your profit. This is a basic description of exotic wagers and how to manipulate them. If you are just starting out, make sure to limit your wagers so as not to lose too much money.