Get The Look – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the highest earning celebrities in Hollywood today. She’s rich, beautiful, successful and is married to Kanye West! The mother of one who recently turned 35 is definitely a style icon that a lot of young girls look up to.

Make up

There are enough and more tutorials on YouTube on how to do the Kim Kardashian make up and get the look right. The raven beauty seemingly spends a lot of time contouring her face that really brings out her anyway sharp features. Kim also always has fresh-looking eyes with her brows on fleek. Her secret to fresh eyes however seems to be lots of mascara that adds volume and a white base with a hint of black around the outer corners.

Nude lips not only compliments her skin tone but also seems like her favourite because she’s very seldom seen wearing lipstick of any other colour and add some best mineral foundation to look fresh.

Although we’ve seen her sport other hair colours like blonde which led the internet to put her alongside Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter fame and compare who wore it better, Kim looks best with black hair, parted in the middle and ironed for a soft and sleek look.


Ever since getting married to Kanye, Kim seems to have developed a strong bond with her tight leather pencil skirts that she is often spotted wearing. Those however look good on her because of her (in) famous figure to which the material clings perfectly well, making her look effortlessly feminine and gorgeous.

Kim also seems to be a huge fan of leather dresses with deep necklines and jumpsuits that look good not just on her but all the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, in general. On turning 35, Kim had stated thirty five things that she learnt throughout her life and in that she says white is the best colour to wear irrespective of what the stylist may suggest. She however says if in doubt, to opt to wearing black. But white still is her first preference.

Kim in the list of 35 things also says that airplane bathrooms have the best lighting for selfies. The most influential girl in the family, Kim has on several occasions and interviews spoken about her love and enthusiasm for fitness which is evidently the secret behind her body which can effortlessly pull off leather pants women of her age wouldn’t even consider wearing.

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian has built an empire to herself out of nothing and is today one of the highest earning celebrities in the world. The one thing one can learn from her however is that looking after oneself and looking good is key. If you give yourself enough attention, the world will then give you the attention that you desire.