How To Make Your Small Home’s Storage Space Work?

Are you looking for the answer for the above question? If you are, then look no further. Here’s what our experts have to say about it…

  • Learn the art of minimalizing – the best kept secret for living in a home with little storage space? Is learning to live with minimum things. The less things you have, the less storage space you’ll need. Things like clothes and electronics are always best used and then replaced. This is especially true for outdated electronics, and clothes you’ve held on to “if you lose weight”.
  • Use furniture with storage options – be it that it’s you bed, or your bedside tables, your coffee table or your living room couch, if it has storage options or can be used for multiple purposes, then it’s the right choice for your home. From your winter clothes to your extra bedding, anything that isn’t of immediate use can be tucked away; out of sight and out of harms way.
  • Be smart about the available space – make use of every available space of your home. This means the basement as well as the garden as well. Instead of keeping your basement a dark and repelling space, try and convert it into a home theater, guest quarters or even an out of the way office space. Like wise, even if it’s not in the same proportion as sheds for sale, even your little wooden structure in the garden can be put to great use storage wise; provided you “beef it up”, of course.
  • Steer clear off clutter – not even owning large barns and sheds and gigantic rooms in your home will make you feel like you have enough space; not unless you learn to live an organize life. Cluttered and messed up space can look smaller than it is. Clutter includes out of place things, wires littering the ground…as well as ill placed furniture as well.
  • Look to the sky – don’t always store your things under things. Look to the skies as well; or at least, to the upper parts of your walls and home. Wall storage, if placed in the right places, can be a huge support for small home owners. They can also serve as art. Even things like your bicycle can be hung out of the way on your wall.
  • Know your colors and materials – lighter colors are a must for small homes; especially if you’re trying to create the illusion of space. From the materials of your furniture, to your walls, and floors, and even the color of your furniture will play a large part in making your home appear larger or smaller. And though it will not really resolve your storage problem, it will definitely help you “breath” better in your small home…