Know About Pharmacy Automated Systems And Its Functions

Mechanical processes of distributing and handling of medications is known as Pharmacy automation or Pharmacy Automated System. This mechanical process is consisted with counting of small objects like capsules and tablets, updating and tracking information of customer is databases like medical history, drug interaction risk detection, (PII) information which is personally identifiable and inventory management. There is wide history of pharmacy transformation if you look into the depth since 1960s, and now in 21st century there is packing machine is available to help you out in your business requirements if you are a health care owner.

In 1970s it was a very time-consuming activity when there was a task of medications dispensation throughout the community pharmacy. With the help of spatula and tray and by the hand of pharmacist prescriptions were dispensed in capsule or tablet form. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are always busy in the research and development of new medications but for public it was inflation due to heavy rise in prices of medications. In that time, we also can find a community of pharmacist which are considered as very typical was working even after daily working hours and hiring of extra staff was also performed to distribute the workload. But in this result, there was very low consideration to safety issues and having these factors forced pharmacist to use a machine which can easily count medications.

Brothers named: Frank Kirby and John invented a technology in Manchester, England. In middle of the year 1967 and 1970 the technology which is known as electronic portable digital tablet counting wash invented by two brothers. Basically, motive of the invention was the safety of the medication from human hand. When medications were packed with help of hands there was lot of chances that germs will hit the medication power and medication will not complete its task. Although many of the workers (involved in packing of medications) were useless for the company and fired from the job.

With the help of automated counting machine companies were able to get the perfect count of medications very quickly. Hence, this automation of pharmacy was adopted quickly, and delivery of the medication became very quick in that time. And after the passage of the time automated counting machine technology updated and in the 21st century you can find the automated pharmacy system which is more effective and efficient. Automated pharmacy system is able to count the medications, packing of medications, sorting, sachet packaging, preparing dose of different times and many more. You have to only input about the disease and remaining all work about medications will be done the automated pharmacy system.

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