Recovery Post- Op: Tips To Heal Well After Cosmetic Operations

The way in which you are prepared to look after yourself post-op is just as much important as how you did before you went under the knife. In fact, because you have a sore, sensitive wound on your body somewhere, looking after yourself post-op becomes even more vital. If you slack on looking after yourself during your recovery period or push too hard too fast you could end up with some very serious and disagreeable complications. Here are a few ways to make sure that you are kind to yourself in the weeks following your procedure.

Eat clean and well

You now have an open wound. Your body needs to be able to build tissue cells to replace those that have been damaged. This could either be deep tissue or just on the surface. Everything you eat will help your body to do this. The nutrients that are absorbed from the food you eat, will be largely accountable for this repair process. You need to therefore cut down on potentially damaging, unhelpful and unhealthy food and also remember to keep yourself hydrated well. Just because you have had breast implants put in by the best doctor in the country, it does not mean that you will heal perfectly if you do not eat right. Vitamin C and Zinc are both supplements which will heal your system faster and leafy greens will also ensure this. Things like refined sugars, beverages which are carbonated, nicotine and alcohol can negatively impact your healing. Therefore, either remove these from your diet or at least reduce them significantly until you are completely healed.

Stay fit

You must stay fit. Unless you have been told to have complete bed rest, your consultant too will ask you to move around and exercise a bit. Getting a chin liposuction done is no reason to go easy on your fitness regime. If you feel that you cannot take on strength training, weights or the likes, just go for a daily walk or job wherever possible for at least half an hour. This will increase your blood circulation and enhance your recovery process.

Rest generously
If you are hoping to start off on your daily hectic work schedule two days after your operation, you are putting yourself at risk. We are asked to rest even in the case of a common flu to help our immune system get stronger and fight back the bacteria or virus. The same rule applies to your operation as well. You need to ensure at least eight hours of sleep time daily. Tired immune systems will not put up a fight against pathogens that might come into your body. Operations are invasive and stress out the immune system. You will be compromised immunity wise for a short while. Getting enough rest will help this balance itself out sooner than later.

Take care of your wound and watch out for anything abnormal

Look after your wound and be kind to it. Make sure that the stitches do not come off or that the wound does not get scratched. Take the medicine that you have been prescribed on time each day and of you have been asked to keep the wound free of water or perspiration, do so. Go for all your follow ups with the doctor and keep an eye out. If the wound begins to hurt, looks red or swollen or is warm consult the doctor immediately. Look after yourself, this is you time!