Regretting The Past

Have you ever turned back in life and thought ‘boy, that was one huge mistake’ or phrases like ‘What was I even thinking?’ and ‘why didn’t anyone tell me this is a stupid idea?’ Well, don’t worry you sure not alone (though it may seem like it when you are actually going through it). Millions of people regret millions of decisions daily and many of them don’t voice it out (hence the ‘I am the only one regretting’ feeling). Every day we make decisions per second varying from daily functional decisions such as; whether to sit down or stand up, walk or stop, comb my hair now or later, whether cereal or pancakes for breakfast etc. up to the life changing decisions like whether to invest in the stock market or not, getting married or not, taking up the job or not and the list continues. We are supposed to evaluate the pros and cons of the decision at hand rationally (well as rationally as possible) and chose our path. However this may look good written down on paper but the practicality of it is somewhat different.

We can’t always depend on our rational faculties of the brain to take the 100% correct decision (if there is that is). The thing is this, scientists and experts can go on and on about how the brain functions but the truth be told even they have not grasped the true essence of it (if they did then scientists won’t have any regrets in life right?). Our brain doesn’t work like a clockwork. Sometimes when there are a large number of decisions to be taken in a very small period of time (some decisions have to be taken in a split second) the brain doesn’t have enough time to process it leasing to an erroneous decision. Some times when your brain is exhausted it does not have the energy to evaluate and tick off all possible scenarios and thereby can make an erroneous decision. But sometimes our mind gets distracted by other things, some in the form of emotions.

Everyone goes through a rollercoaster ride in emotions throughout their lives. There are ups and there are downs. You are happy and then you are sad, you are in love and then you’re not in love, you are mad at someone five minutes ago and then you are not on and on it goes until the day you die. The tattoo you got when you were a rebellious youth could sound lame now after decades of grey hair. The things that mattered once upon a time doesn’t even seem to matter for two pence now.

But you don’t always have to be stuck in your own guilt trip. There are ways to get out of it. Sure, you can’t reverse time and undo the things you did but sometimes those are lessons to remind your brain to go on red alert when you attempt to do something similar. Some things can be changed and some things can’t be changed. That’s how life rolls on. (As for that tattoo you regret, you can get laser tattoo removal Brisbane done and hey presto it’s gone!)There is no time travelling invented yet so we must still depend on our minds to make the decisions for us.  And until time travel is actually possible let’s not worry on things that we cannot change in the past and focus on things that we can change now.