Tips To Help You Choose The Best Bathing Wear For Your Children

When summer comes, it almost always goes away way too soon. Summer holidays are the best times to go out with your children to the beach and really enjoy. It lets them play around and connect more with you and their childhood and it gives any good parent the gift of being able to spend some quality time with their children. However, how can you as a parent, choose the best bathing attire for your children? Here’s how.

Bathing costumes for infants from 03 months to 24 months

Most parents feel that it is ok to let your little baby crawl and walk around naked on the beach. However, this is not healthy nor is it safe. Sunscreens affect babies a lot worse than they do on adults and a nasty sun burn will really put your baby in a lot of pain. Use a baby friendly sun protection cream and for baby girls a good tankini is great while for Ripcurl boardshorts will be a good option in the correct fit.

Bathing costumes for toddlers from 03 years to 06 years

This age group is well known for their limitless energy levels as well as their stubborn streaks and temper tantrums. Because kids this age will always want to run around and play no matter how hot and humid it gets, you need to make sure that they are comfortable and safe in their bathing attire. For these reasons, the best style for a little girl would be a snug fitting one piece costume while for boys swimming shorts or trunks will do the job well. Girls can also be given some additional accompaniments like Sunnylife accessories because they tend to be a bit fashion conscious at this age. You can view more here accessories

Bathing costumes for kids from 07 years to 16 years

When it comes to this age group, girls especially will be very picky on wearing their favourite colours, colours and styles that make them look good, styles that are trending and the likes. Tankinis might still be possible, but most of the time they do not even get a second look. One piece bathing suits are no longer welcome and will be substituted by fashionable and figure enhancing two piece suits. For guys the tradition of bathing attire continues with simple swimming shorts.

Bathing suits that protect your child from UV rays

While using a sun protection cream is the first method of action against preventing sun burns and escaping UV rays that can cause skin cancer, there are bathing costumes made of fabric that is synthetic such as nylon which will also be able to give your children protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. as a parent, there is no way that you will ever think anything is too much to ensure the comfort and safety of your children, so this one is a great choice too.