Ways To Save Electricity At Home

Saving electricity is a responsibility of every citizen. It not also helps prevent global warming, but also will save you money. There could be many electrical appliances that could be made more energy efficient or even be taken away if they are not needed. Saving energy has been one of the most talked about topics in environmental unions and hence should be addressed immediately. So here are some the simple things you could do at home to save energy.


You can make use of natural light whenever possible. Open up the curtains and blinds and let sunshine creep in. natural light is believed to increase happiness so even at home or workplace, you’d be more productive than ever. Also make sure you buy curtains of light shades. Replace light bulbs with CFL and LED bulbs which consume very less electricity than other. Turn off unnecessary lights around the house and get all family members to use only one or two rooms at night rather than spreading all over the house.

Heating and cooling

Make sure insulation of your home is well maintained since it will prevent warm or cold air from leaking out through your doors and windows. If proper insulation is not in place, more energy will be taken up by air-conditioners and heaters which will use a lot of electricity. Bring down electrical contractors at Ecolectrical and check your door, windows, attic etc. Be mindful of your usage of hot water since water heating takes up heaps of energy too.

Use alternative energy

Think of using solar power for your entire house to save up the total cost for electricity. Of course the initial investment on solar installation in Newcastle NSW would be high since installation of solar panels in expensive. However, the benefits you get afterwards will be totally worth it. You’ll never even see an electricity bill again. On top of that, if your panels are producing more energy than needed for your home, it will be transferred to the electricity authority so if you run out of energy in future by chance, you can use it for free. How cool is that! 


Unplug any appliances whenever not in use since they tend to consume energy even if switched off. It might seem annoying to unplug them each time, but the save is worth the trouble. A power strip with a switch makes it easier since you could disconnect about five appliances at once. Also, replace your old appliances to new models since they are more energy efficient. You can even use natural sources for daily activities and reduce reliance on appliances. For example, wash clothes and dishes by hand rather than using a washing machine and dishwasher.