What Is The Menstruation Cycle?

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Menstruation cycles, commonly known as menses or otherwise, periods is the process of a woman’s monthly cycle of losing blood due to the unfertilized egg that has not been touched by a sperm. The process of these cycles often differ from women to women, and can last for 5 to 7 days within the bleeding. Often cycles occur every 24 – 29 days and as likely all women are different. Failure in missing a period, often is the first sign of an actual pregnancy, although; that is not always the case. It may also, be due to the fact of stress and anxiety that is experienced in a woman. Every woman is different, hence therefore have their various different methods of caring for themselves. It is essential for women, to keep a sanitary napkin in their purses, especially upon nearing their period dates. Due to the blood being forcefully drained, the muscles in the body often contract also causing severe discomfort, unease and cramps. Some, may feel vague, sick, or some may even have an outburst of anger.

Alternatives to use

As, per the understanding of having menses or menstrual cycles – women can take certain precautions before the “time of the month” begins. Such activities as drinking water, and Kegel exercises also known as pelvic floor strengtheners can help reduce the pain of the cramps.

Also, the many alternatives of sanitary napkins as such are tampons, and the period cup. This cup is a rubber/ silicone material cup that is inserted inside the vagina to prevent any leakage. The walls help to secure the rubber cup aligned and does not leak, if it does leak however it is due to the reason of it not being inserted into the walls properly therefore, when using different methods, of which unaccustomed to, read prior instructions as it will help you to understand if it is the right alternative that is for you. After all, everyone, knows their own bodies.

What happens to a woman, following her period?

Periods are often a real nuisance and can irritate and vex a woman, that her mood often cannot be controlled and if in no sense of her understanding the situation. In fact, women are most vulnerable during these 7 days that are prescribed. There are also alternatives of medication to help reduce cramping’s and pain. This is a phase which women go through since she reaches maturity and in fact this marks her puberty and hence, is known as a young lady. What is understood that, all women go through this stage? Although; some may inherit irregular periods too.