When Should You Not Get A Massage


How often should I get deep tissue massage? 

Getting a deep tissue massage in Chatswood can be a risky procedure but some people like to have it done however getting it daily or a few times a week or a few times a month can be a pain however the recommendation of a therapist is that you can have it done twice or thrice in half a year. 

When should you not get a massage 

there are certain times and conditions where you should not get a best massage. Such as in a fever, any sort of flu, cold or infection you should not get any sort of massage followed by the contagious diseases that people have, try to avoid getting any sort of massage stop kidney conditions, cancer, inflammations. needs a lot of care. 

What toxins are released during massage? 

The lactic as well as the uric acid are built up according to the tensions that are present aches followed by the pain, soreness and a lack of flexibility. The deep tissue massage not only releases these compounds but also excrete them from the body, lowering the acidity in the body. 

Are deep tissue massages worth it? 

Unlike other sort of massage techniques, deep tissue massage is totally focused on the relaxation factor, and it also helps you treat muscle pain, improved stiffness. Why am I so tired after I get a deep tissue massage. after massage you may feel fatigued. This is because the muscles are relaxed and they have released the stress after the best massage. This effect should not be able to last longer than a day or two followed by the headache which is totally uncommon for people who are experiencing the best massage or deep tissue massages. If it’s harming you a bit too much, try to contact your therapist in stop 

What should you not do during a massage? 

Here is a list of things that you should not do while getting a massage with your therapist 

First of all asking your massage therapist for any sort of personal details followed by the excessive noises, the comment that you can make upon the look and the attractiveness of your therapist, physical touch, start undressing while you get into the room. These are totally prohibited acts that are not entertained in a massage find food stuff.

What happens if you don’t drink water after massage? 

Sometimes if you don’t drink water after the massage you’ll have a light headache which is not good for your health however staying hydrated is the key 

What are the four kind of massages? 

The four basic massage is strokes are they light or deep stroking, gentle slapping, friction, needing these are the procedure that needs to be followed by every massuese. Please visit orchardspa.com.au for more information.